Christina will record the best bits of your day including ceremony, speeches & first dance in FULL. You will have lovely videos from the day edited by Emmanuel.




Emmanuel will record the best bits of your day including ceremony, speeches & first dance in FULL. You will have better coverage because there are two locations covered.




Best value for your investment. Includes more extras and creativity. The videos will be crafted for an amazing cinematic experience. You will have a film with a soul.




An additional videographer will allow us to capture more content. Sometimes is better if you have multiple locations and there are moments you like to be captured at the same time.


Engaged Session

Probably you already have booked a photographer who will do your engagement photos, so we can take footage from that date which will be used in the final films. It can be just a video session if you don't have engaged photo session booked. You can choose any beautiful location in the UK.​


Best Wishes

We will find a suitable spot at the reception venue, and set up lights, camera and microphone for your guests to come and share their best wishes for you.​ This can be nice flavor for the highlighs video and great memory for the documentary video.


Love Story

We discuss your ideas, then we build a story and shot on location. That will allow us to make a short film before the wedding which we can play during the reception on a large 150 inches cinema screen. We also use this footage to build the final films. (Screen and projector included).​










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  • 1. Will I receive a copy of my booking details?

    Yes!, we will email your clear booking confirmation showing all your details to you via email including any payment records, invoices and receipts, please check your junk/spam folder if you can't find this in your inbox straight away.

  • 2. What are the forms of payment?

    Credit/Debit Cards via the website, face-to-face card payments, Bank Transfer and PayPal. Unfortunately, we don't accept cash.

  • 3. How far in advance should I book?

    We recommend to book as early as possible but, we may have availability for last minutes bookings. Please note that the price given within the quote is for a limited time only and if you decide to book after the quote is expired we can't guarantee that you will have the same price.

  • 4. If needed, would you be able to work extra hours?

    Yes, there is an additional overtime fee per hour shown within the quotes.

  • 5. Can you hold my date without a deposit?

    Unfortunately, I can't hold the date. It is first come, first serve basis.

  • 6. What happens if I need to cancel your service?

    If you cancel your booking you will lose your deposit. You have 14 days cooling-off period after the deposit is paid and if you decide to cancel within the 14 days we will refund your deposit back. Please note: for last-minute bookings where you book in less than 15 days before the wedding we require the full amount to be paid and if you decide to cancel we reserve the rights to refund only half of the total amount paid.

  • 7. Do you have public liability insurance?

    Yes, we have liability insurance. Most wedding venues require proof of insurance from the videographers when arrived on site so we can provide them with a copy of our liability insurance which covers claims up to £5, 000, 000. You can also see the proof of the insurance on "About Us" page.

  • 8. Do we keep the copyrights of the videos?

    Being wedding videographers, we can confirm that it is a standard practice to own the rights to the videos because of the intellectual work involved. You have the rights over the videos for personal and public use as long as this is for non-profit purposes. We might use the highlights video or some of the bits in our portfolio section including social channels. Your long film is private peace and won't be published publicly at all.

  • 9. Are you able to travel?

    Yes, and up to 100 miles (total distance) are free of charge. You can check that from our starting point - Rochester ME1 Kent. When you book "Cinematic Pack 3" there are no additional travel expenses for travelling within the United Kingdom. We are more than happy to travel abroad too.

  • 10. What happens if my videographer becomes unavailable on the day?

    Don't worry! - In the very rare event of your wedding videographer becoming unavailable, we have a videographer on standby to cover at short notice which can capture the wedding without any differences in regards to the style. In case this happens you will receive the same style capturing and video edited films as shown in our portfolio.

  • 11. Can we set up face-to-face meeting before the wedding?

    Yes, you are welcome to come to my studio. Otherwise, we can set up a video meeting or phone call. Whatever is convenient for you.

  • 12. How much notice do you require if we want extra hour/s coverage?

    You can add the extra hours no more than 15 days before the wedding date.

  • 13. Do you have back-up equipment on the day in case something goes wrong?

    Yes, back-up gear is carried at all times just to be on the safe side.

  • 14. Is recording the bride and groom's preparations included in the price?

    In most cases yes. We can tape both preparations if the bride & groom are located close enough of one another and depending on the package you book. In case you need 100% coverage of the bride & groom preparations when they are located not close enough, you can request a second videographer at a reasonable cost. Of course, if there is just one videographer there is no way to be on two locations at the same time but all depending on the timetable.

  • 15. Can I choose the music?

    Unfortunately not always, you can choose the music.  We always want to make sure that your selected songs match the flow of the video edit and we have the right to use them.

  • 16. How can I contact you when the office is closed?

    You should have our mobile number within the booking confirmation email which we answer all the time for emergencies etc. Of course, you can contact us via email or the contact form provided in the website and we will get back to you asap. We keep our phones and emails away from the internet because of all spammy emails and cold callings.

  • 17. What time will my videographer arrive for set up?

    Generally, we say 2 hours before the ceremony if you need bridal preparation included. Otherwise, 30 - 40 mins before the ceremony. However, the timing is confirmed with you in advance.

  • 18. Do you cover more than one wedding per day?

    Yes, we have additional videographers. Please note that for the cinematic Pack 3 we can cover only one wedding a day.

  • 19. What is Multicam setup?

    Producing highlights video with up to four cameras is not required but we strongly use this method to record the ceremony, speeches & first dance. One of the common parts of the long documentary-style film is a full ceremony, toasts, first dances and speeches (according to the coverage you need).

    So, while watching your ceremony video, it will have the appearance and quality of a high-end production with up to four cameras filming at the same time.
    Better view of emotions, reactions and everything happening from different angles. Due to the privacy of these type of films you typically can't find them online. To demonstrate the idea please play the 28 seconds video example of the ceremony with a multi-cam setup. Otherwise, you can request a full video examples and we are happy to give you limited time acces.

  • 20. What is the difference between highlights and documentary film?

    While our cinematic highlight films are modern, dynamic and very creative overviews of your wedding they can't bring back the full experience of the wedding like ceremony, toasts, first dance, speeches, cutting the cake and many other things happening during the day. This pease of a video is more appreciated after 20 years of your wedding and you definitely want to have it. This is the reason why we bring extra value at the same price and provide you with the documentary film within all packages we offer.

  • 21. What do you mean by quality audio?

    We use professional microphones and external recorders for any situation during the day. This sound is much much better than the camera microphones and will bring a better experience.
    We try to avoid placing the mic on a bride, rather, we go for a tie microphone on the officiant or groom for the ceremony. If for some reason we can not wear mic on the groom or officiant we will place boom mic and recorder on a tripod a few meters away from the bride and groom to capture good audio. Also, we set up microphones for the speeches or record the sound from the venue PA system.
    If the DJ is running sound, we may be able to plug into their soundboard. Every DJ is different, so it’s no guarantee that we will get good quality sound from their system. That’s why we have a few audio backup recorders.

    Please watch the short audio sample below from the different packages we offer.

    Price List 2020 4
  • 22. Will you capture getting ready scenes or will you start from the ceremony?

    As long as the program/timings for the day allow this we can capture the bride preparation too. Otherwise, you can add extra hours to your chosen pack. (You can view the rates within your account).

  • 23. Will you need to visit venues beforehand?

    We don't need to visit the venue beforehand and from our practice, this won't be a problem and can not reflect on the quality of our services. Of course, if there is a big production with three to four videographers involved on the day we strongly advise the clients that viewing and pre-planning is a "must do".

  • 24. How you deliver the videos?

    We deliver the videos online. After they are ready you will have a private link to download them from our cloud storage. You have a hard copy within the "Cinematic Pack 3" which includes personalised USB drives, Blu-ray discs. You also can order the hard copy at an additional cost. For more information and price send us an email.

  • 25. Do you do backup/archive of the videos?

    For peace of mind, we do a backup of all finalised videos and store them in secured data servers. In case you lost your films in future you can contact us and we can send you another copy of your films at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

  • 26. What is the dresscode of the videographers?

    We dress comfortable and smart as you can expect for a wedding.

  • 27. How you interact with people on the day?

    We remain as discreet as possible throughout the day.

  • 28. What means "more creative shots" in the cinematic pack?

    This type of shots requires a different approach by us than the standard shooting with monopod or tripod. We use different gear and techniques to achieve the look from Hollywood films. To understand better please watch the showreel example of what kind of footage can be included within your wedding films.

    The video below will show you an example of two weddings at the same venue, same car, same light and composition so that you can see the impact of both approaches.

  • 29. Can you show me an examples of best wishes?

    Yes, sure.

    Please see very short snippets from different weddings. These are very short clips just to get the idea.

  • 30. How you use the lighting equipment?

    Evening reception usually is a difficult task for the wedding videographers because most of the time will be dark. In most cases, the DJ or venue provides their light setup, but we can't rely on these lighting so we still need to place our own lights to get certain shots like dancing, head table, speeches and cutting the cake (according to the coverage you need).
    Our camera sensors do handle low light very well, and in some situations, we rely on this because the guests don’t want to be blinded by video lights all night. If the lights are on we don’t want to destroy the mood by leaving them on during the entire reception so when we have the important clips we turn them off.

  • 31. What kind of gear do you use?

    We have the latest professional dslr/mirrorless 4k cinema cameras, stage lights, crane, gimbals/stabilisers, lav/boom microphones and many more.

  • 32. Do you store my payment details on your system?

    No. All payments are handled by authorised payment providers, and we do not store any payment information.