Hi guys, my name is Emmanuel, and I am a full-time wedding videographer based in London. Happily married, with two amazing children, I am passionate about creating emotional stories of life. My hobby transferred into a professional career after my film school graduation in 2005. I worked in a video production company for a while and filmed for well-known brands worldwide. I met Christina (my wife) in 2011, and we got married. At our wedding, we had only a photographer, and by the way, I still regret not having a videographer for our special day. Later after our wedding, I decided to build my own wedding video business, which was one of my best decisions.

My Approach

I am an introvert, and this reflects how I capture and edit my videos. My approach is unobtrusive, and I believe in the mindset of “less is more”. For example, you will see me with a small mirrorless camera in my hands discreetly filming on the wedding day. This way, I am not screaming; I am the video guy who is filming. This approach allows me to capture natural, candid shots, which later are edited into beautiful, emotional films. My goal is to be a great storyteller and document your happy day most extraordinary way possible.

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Our Precious
Emmanuel Films - Christina and Emmanuel's Wedding
Our Wedding in 2011

What I like

One of the most important aspects of the wedding day is the spoken words during the ceremony and speeches. I am so happy to hear that the couple has their own personal vows because this is one of the story-driven keys for my films. I AM JUST ON THE MOON when I capture beautiful readings and emotional speeches. As you can see, I use a lot of those moments in my films.

I wouldn’t say I like

My films are timeless, and I wouldn’t say I like to make trendy cheese videos that, in a few years, will be outdated and funny in a bad way. You know what I mean. Well I am happy when the couples book me based on my filmmaking style.

More about Emmanuel Films

If you want to know more about my approach, I will be happy to meet you and hear your story and discuss it further. Just contact me throughout the form and mention that you like to schedule a zoom call, and we can go from there. I look forward to hearing from you.




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