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Hi everyone, my name is Emmanuel and I am a full-time wedding videographer who makes cinematic films around the UK and Europe. I love to travel light, and this minimalistic approach is reflected in the films I produce.

The destination wedding is a unique, intimate experience that happens once in a lifetime. Many women have been dreaming about the big day and imagining themselves in stunning white dresses since they were little girls. The wedding is a celebration of love, an official statement of affection and the time for exchanging sacred vows in beautiful views probably of Tuscany, Lake Como, French Riviera or Santorini. It certainly is an event which is long-awaited and carefully planned for. Let’s not forget all the preparation, endeavour and time to create the perfect wedding. Often, couples prepare for the big day for months, sometimes even years. The reason behind this is the desire to make it unforgettable not only for the lovebirds but also comfortable and memorable for the family, friends and all guests. I am quite aware that the wedding is a day filled with many feelings through the whole spectrum – from laughter to tears. But in all the sentiments that the big day causes, many little details and happenings may be left unnoticed or forgotten due to the euphoria. And here I come, the destination wedding videographer – I am the person who will encapsulate everything that happens, even the smallest moments you may not notice. Besides, I will stay undercover, go stealthily around, and you won’t even see our presence. 

The videographer of your wedlock day plays an immense role in capturing and preserving the special first and only moments together with your significant other in matrimony. The cinematographer is responsible for seizing every bit of your wedding, so it never gets lost in memory. After a big event in the past, the wedding video is the means to relive and re-experience the golden feelings again and again till infinity.

I don’t simply film for a few hours and then put up some footage together. I know that the destination wedding video tells more than words can describe. Hence, I approach each short movie with much care and professionalism. I create each wedding film with much love and attention to detail. Nothing is left out or skipped, as everything is of importance. I not only film, but I also experience their special day with each couple and create top-notch videography for them using the latest technology and cinematographic techniques. I always consider our couple’s style, preferences and wishes so that I can direct their fairytale properly and skillfully.

Namely, the wedding video is the tool you can use every time you wish to re-experience the bunch of emotions from your special day. So in all of the nervous yet exciting preparation for the big day, you might want to consider taking some time to ensure that you have a professional set of eyes behind some lenses, which will ensure that you never forget anything that happened at your wedding. I would love to be your choice. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me. Of course, I don’t want you to take my word for it and trust me blindly. Check some of the wedding videos I have created for my wonderful couples and see for yourself. I would be more than happy to hear from you, and I look forward to experiencing the magic of the big day with you. Let’s film family history together.

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