Let’s be honest for a moment. You’re getting married, and the expenses are piling up, from catering to your wedding dress. There is too much to be considered, and tracking expenses might feel overwhelming. You will be faced with the dilemma of whether you need or can afford a wedding videographer. The service comes at a cost, but hiring a wedding videographer is the best way to capture and preserve your unforgettable moments for the rest of your life. Here’s what you need to know about wedding videography prices to make your decision easier.

Avarage Wedding Videograpohy Cost in the UK

UK wedding videographer costs have risen a bit for 2022 – 2023 due to increasing demand, the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic climate in the UK. However, this shouldn’t make you miss out on an important part of your special day. The good news is that there are always several options for your budget when it comes to wedding videographer costs in the UK.

More about the wedding videography prices in the United Kingdom for 2022 – 2023

Wedding videography cost UK | Wedding Videographer Cost UKSeveral factors affect a wedding videographer’s cost. These statistics show that the average cost of hiring a videographer in the UK is £1,036; I believe this is outdated due to significant changes like COVID-19 and Brexit. Here are some factors that can affect wedding videography costs in the UK.

Area: It costs more to hire a wedding videographer in some areas of the UK. For example, it will cost you around £1,954 and more in cities like London, whereas prices tend to be lower in the Northeast, averaging about £942. The prices vary and depend on where the wedding will be held and the videographer’s experience.

Quality and Time: The other two factors affecting the price of a wedding video are the quality and time slot it covers. If you’re covering an entire event, the cost will be significantly higher. Conversely, if you’re covering parts of your event, the cost will be lower. For example, a full day coverage can easily take 12 to 14 hrs compared to packages like “ceremony to the first dance”, which on a typical wedding day take about 8 hours. You have to consider the amount of footage the videographer will take and then edit. Full day wedding video takes almost double time to edit.

Basic or Premium Packages: Wedding videography prices in the UK are usually divided into two packages. The basic usually covers footage of the ceremony and special requests by the couple. The video most of the time is recorded on one or two cameras, which, in some cases, may not include audio equipment for a professional sound recording. However, the videographer will often deliver an acceptable video, including a highlight video (3–4 minutes), and probably the entire ceremony and speeches will be offered at extra cost. From our research, 90% of couples on a budget will be happy with the final product. Inexperienced wedding videographers often provide those packages, and there is a hidden risk from no backup equipment on the wedding day to lost footage afterwards. 

However, the price of the premium packages offered by UK wedding videographers will be much higher as they will be experienced creatives who have a sense of composition, the best possible light for any of the shots, sound design and editing. They are well prepared for any situation on the wedding day, and in most cases, they have a few backup options regarding the gear. Those videographers see the day with different eyes than others. 

The difference from a nice video to a great wedding film reflects the cost of wedding videographers in the UK. The final products can be genuinely cinematic, holding not only your memories but true value over time. However, capturing and crafting a film to make you cry, laugh, and feel takes more than a good video operator who records the day for you. We like to call it a film with a soul; these films are produced by UK wedding videographers who know what they are doing, and their work is definitely considered premium. It is not just about the gear, resolution of the videos or drone footage; it is more than that.

Hiring a videographer and choosing a package depends on your budget. Making the best decision requires some research so take time before hiring a wedding videographer

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