If you are looking for a wedding videographer to capture your wedding at Froyle Park please contact us today



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Why Choose Us?

We Specialise in wedding films with budget under £1000

  • Coverage up to 14hrs
  • Creative & Unique
  • Cinematic Style
  • Documentary film up to 1:30hrs
  • Highlight Reel up to 5 mins
  • Best Value for Money Guaranteed
  • Videos delivered within 30 days
  • Professional Qualified Videographers
  • High-Quality 4K Videos
  • Aerial Drone Footage
  • Registered UK Business
  • Liability Insurance Provided

Most venues require proof of insurance from the videographers when arrived on site so we can provide them with valid liability insurance which covers claims up to 1 million pounds. Don't put yourself at risk by hiring untrusted and uninsured suppliers.

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