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Welcome back, beautiful people, it’s nice to have you here. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your wedding day or simply want to appreciate some flourishing love stories and high-quality wedding videography, you are in the right place. Here we share stories of couples who show us how versatile love is. We present their choice of venue and accentuate the perks of wedding cinematography. And we give you the chance to enjoy some outstanding wedding videos. 

In the past, we have often discussed the shattering forces of love. The phenomenon that sometimes tears one in pieces and sweeps everything like a catastrophe. But also, the same element that makes you feel on cloud nine. Love gives us the feeling that we are alive. It provides us with meaning and purpose and is the core momentum of our everyday life. 

Great Fosters Hotel Wedding Videography

Today we will share with you the story of Hayley and William. We will talk about the vast possibilities their chosen venue gives. And in the end, of course, we will show you their short movie, created by the wedding videographer in Surrey. Be ready to experience together with our couple the great joy of their wedding. Those Brits sure know how to do it.

William and Hayley have perfectly well understood the power of love – as can be seen from their speeches. “You are my breath and every heartbeat.” And that is why we share with you their magical wedding day. Love is the source of various feelings. Amongst them, the most prominent and contagious one is happiness. Finding the love your life doesn’t mean winning a companion to spend your days with. It implies finding a soulmate, a best friend who will always be by your side. The one person who will share the welfare and troublesome times will make you laugh, will comfort you and wipe your tears, but most importantly will love you for who you are no matter what. As to summarize the above sentences, we will quote William: ”In your heart, I found my love. In your soul, I found my friend.”

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Hayley and William decided to celebrate their wedding in a very special place – the Great Fosters. It is situated near Windsor, Surrey and offers four red star hotel accommodations alongside a Michelin Restaurant. But that’s not all. Great Fosters is surrounded by 50 acres of landscaped gardens, combining the comfort of modern luxuries with the inexplicable beauty of nature. The vast outdoor territory provides enough space for all kinds of leisure activities. The interior of Great Fosters adds to the noble atmosphere. An additional advantage of the latter mentioned scene is the dazzling localities it has to offer for the conception of remarkable wedding cinematography in Surrey. There isn’t an adept videographer who will remain unmoved by the vast possibilities of the neighbouring areas and landscape. Here it appears that the city is a far notion and no one dares to reach and shred the place with any banalities. The conserved nature offers wonderful colours and illumination, which are an obligatory part of any wedding video. The construction itself adds a highborn sense to the event and takes the audience back to the fine old times. The choice of music is a complementary reminder of the vibe from the past century.

The venue itself is pure art. But what makes it so unique are the people attending it. The joy that fills up the air, the transmitted happiness, and the loud laughter all contribute to creating the avid party you can see in the video. If you combine it with a bride in a strikingly elegant white dress, a sophisticated groom, and lots of shared happiness, the outcome is astonishing. At the end, when your wedding has gone in the past, you will have a movie directed to your liking – the one means to relive your special day again and again. That is why you would want to spare some time and hire a wedding videographer. After all, who would want to forget any part of such a lively celebration?

As much as it saddens us to say it, we have reached the end of our story. To our beloved couple – never stop having fun. May you go through hard times with laughter and always make each other happy. To all you readers, thank you for taking this joyful ride with us. See you next time with another happy love story. May the party continue.

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