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Dear lovers, the time has come for us to take you on another ride of our love rollercoaster. It’s a free ride, so all you have to do is liberate your mind for a bit, relax, sit tight and enjoy the following lines together with the video created by our wedding videographer in Kent, Emmanuel. This time we are going to share the narrative of Joshua and Alissa – a truly adorable couple. We will talk about how nature can make up for the best wedding cinematography, and we will tell you the exact location of Wonderland. Without any further due, fasten your seatbelts and dive into the magical world of fairytales.
Once upon a time, there was a young girl whose beauty wasn’t to be compared with anyone else’s. She was elegant, a bit shy and thoroughly fascinating with her gentle, stealthy, full of inquisitiveness eyes. One day, as our little beauty was enjoying the formidable perfection of nature, she met a handsome young man, with the same flame for the unknown, the vast views and freedom. He reached out for her hand. With no fear, the little girl took it willingly and together they jumped into the rabbit hole, headed towards the obscure, uncertain future with the only assurance that together they could face and fight every beast and challenge along the way.
Our characters bear the names of Alissa and Joshua. Joshua, as he points out, is an ordinary, provincial lad who is utterly grateful for meeting his other half. We can get the sensation that he is a bit nervous from his chatter, but he is simply unable to find the correct words which will help him express the nature of his love for his beloved one. He has an honourable sense of humour, which makes his slightly goosey speech even more euphonious. Alissa, on the other hand, is completely silent, but her eyes and smile say it all. After all, who can possibly encapsulate this inexpressible feeling in any language? Love is so colourful and has many different shades. It’s impossible to say anything about it. And the main reason for this impediment is that love is meant to be felt and shared, not locked into utterance. It makes every author unable to scribble a single word; it makes us all kneel before it with awe, in silence, craving and gasping for more and more…
As we already mentioned, love has many different shades, and one has room for so many of its occurrences. It hides in the barely noticeable gestures of goodwill and kindness. In the presents for the groom and the bride, in the helping with tying the tie, the assisting with the final touches of the hairstyle, the bride’s jacket with the new surname written on the back, the photos containing happy past memories, the holding of the hands, the red rose in the groom’s pocket, the gentle raising of the eyebrows, the laughter, the smiles, the head on the shoulder, the embraces, the kisses and the shared vows of faithfulness.

Bewl Water Wedding Videographer And All Surroundings of Kent

Alright, you have waited long enough; it’s time to tell you about the choice of venue you can see in the wedding video below. Alissa and Joshua chose their big day to take place in Waterside Manor Bewl Water in Kent. The manor is situated on the banks of a tremendous reservoir, the Bewl Water. It is surrounded by water, which adds additional natural colours and provides the best first-row seats for the most unforgettable sunsets. The manor has the rustic air around it but is furnished and decorated with style and care for the details. It is situated far away from the big cities, which makes it a peaceful and quiet place suitable for an intimate wedding. Waterside Manor is a combination of rustic elements, surrounded by untouched nature all around and modern, cosy furnishing inside its walls. If you are looking for a domestic environment where you would like to spend your big day with the closest ones, but don’t want to feel imprisoned, then you might want to consider the latter venue. It spreads out over 80 acres of land, which gives opportunities for all sorts of outdoor activities. You get the sensation that you are entirely free and one with nature. That’s what makes it truly Wonderland.
What is more, if you want to have an amazing wedding cinematography with natural colours and vastness, this place has it all. It certainly is a pleasure to be a wedding videographer at such a place. The spacious plains, the surrounding forests and the water around provide ingenuous blossom to all shots. The place itself is authentic art. And when you add a beautiful bride wearing a dashing white dress and a groom with retro, yet stylish attire, a pinch of pristine shared love and innocence the result is stunning. You end up having a movie directed according to your own taste that you can watch infinite times and go back to all the memories from your day in heaven.
Our narrative has come to its end. To our lovely couple – Joshua and Alissa – may you forever stay best friends and preserve this genuine charm of yours. And to all your future-to-be couples, may love never leave you. We will be looking forward to sharing with you your unique experience in Wonderland. May love always be by your side, dear lovers. 

You can view photos by their photographer Nikki

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