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Winters Barns Wedding Video

“All that I am I give to you” – so simple and plain, yet so full of meaning. As Ross, our shy but charming groom, precisely points out – love gives the best and easiest solution to the complicated and harsh equation that life is. And what is love if not a dreadful desire to share, give and be all of yourself to and with somebody else? Not just any other person – but the one and only, the first and the last. “All that I have I share with you” – these are the words you are going to hear whilst watching the magical wedding video of the beautiful couple Kirsty and Ross, captured by the wedding videographer in Kent. But before we let you proceed with the video, we would like to tell you a few words.

In the following few paragraphs we are going to present you with another perfectly romantic, peaceful and historical venue that will impress even the most exacting eyes. We will tell you the story of the fair couple – Kirsty and Ross – and their absolutely unblemished affection towards each other. We will also talk a bit about how the little features when captured by a professional videographer make up for the creation of the perfect wedding video – the means to you reliving your unforgettable event and re-experiencing all the immaculate emotions again and again till infinity. 

First things first, shall we get acquainted with our bride and groom before we dive into any further details? Kirsty and Ross, without any doubt, look wonderfully together. Ross is a bit bashful, but he can’t take his eyes off of his beloved bride. And we perfectly understand him. Who wouldn’t be staring at his future wife – such genuine beauty streams out of her even as she is putting make-up on. Kirsty is his guardian angel who gives him strength and completes him. When they stand by each other’s side they look as one whole. The warmth that beams out of their presence makes us believe even stronger that true love exists. 


Winters Barns Wedding Videographer

When we talk about professional wedding cinematography it’s all about the details, the little touches that add up to the uniqueness of the whole picture. The preparation of both the bride and the groom separately, the buttonholes, the belt, the nicely tucked in shirt, the attire of the best men, the bride’s flowers, the decorations of the hall, the laughter, the awe of the audience, the gentle smiles and the looks between the loved ones bursting out of pure and pristine love. 

If you watch the video you won’t fail to notice beautiful scenery and perfectly preserved old barns. So you might wonder – where’s that ideally romantic spot, this little piece of heaven on earth? Not to worry, we will tell you the secret place. So let’s talk about the choice of the venue, namely – Winters Barns, Canterbury. A wedding is supposed to be a very intimate, individual sensation. If you are looking for rustic nuances amidst naturalistic elements and quietness you might want to consider the latter venue. Winters Barns offers a range of heavenly gardens for the best wedding videography, as well as historic farmhouses renovated for the perfect wedding ceremony one might be looking for. The venue is a truly historical place which dates back to the 17th century. Can you imagine walking down an aisle which is more than 400 years old, being guarded by the 100-year-old Bramley apple trees that are still preserved there? It surely sounds heavenly and somewhat taken out of a fairytale. But we are happy to tell you that Winters Barns has been the choice of many couples since 2007 and it is still open for hiring. 

The wedding video says more than words can describe. Therefore we are not going to bore you any longer and we shall end our narrative here. To the beautiful couple Kirsty and Ross – may they live happily ever after and may they never forget the sacred promises they gave each other on their special day – “All that I am I give to you.” And to all of you, lovebirds, who are preparing for the big day remember that what is most important is who is standing by your side at the altar rather than the whereabouts. So without further ado – click the play button, see for yourself and get the sensation of what Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden of Eden. May the love forever be with you.  (You may like to see their photography by Ross here).

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