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Dear beautiful lovers the time has come for another imaginative adventure in the world of happy love stories. All you have to do is simply free your mind from everything mundane and let us show you the way into the unutterable faerie tour we have prepared for you this time. In the following article, we are going to share with you the story of true love between two doves. We will present to you the wonderful location of their fairytale. And last but not least, we will talk about what makes a wedding such a memorable occasion. And of course, we will give you the chance to take a look at the professional wedding video created by our wedding videographer in Hampshire. Without further ado, set your imagination kite high in the vivid skies of shared love and happiness.

Simone & Andy’s Wedding Video at Southend Barns

First things first, let’s focus on the main characters in this romance – Simone and Andy. It all began with the scorching sunrise of an early August morning. The fields were ready for the annual reaping – a promise for a bright day, followed by an even brighter future together. The joy of the farmers awaiting rich harvesting added to the overall sensation of connectedness with nature. Everything foreshadowed a long and happy gala in the charming Southend Barns. Although being renovated, the colour and the warmth that beamed from the wood spoke of the venerable peacefulness of British history. And there she was, amidst the serenity – Simone. Walking slowly but steadily towards her future husband, her one and only man; being accompanied by her father, who wasn’t giving his daughter away, but was opening his heart for the creation of a new, bigger family. The groom – Andy – was impatiently waiting for his half to join him at the altar and commit to a long future life together. Our stars were ready to start their journey, fight every obstacle and challenge along the way, be by each other’s side through every harsh moment, but most importantly share each dear moment. The new chapter in their life began with the simple words “I do”.

The picturesque scenery you will see in the wedding video is another piece of paradise on earth. Simone and Andy chose to say their vows in Southend Barns. The venue has been functioning since 2012 using the latest environmentally sustainable technology. It has been the place of choice for many couples for their big day. Southend Barns is surrounded by flamboyant countryside making it one of the perfect settings for any wedding cinematographer to explore their abilities. The venue offers an elegant Dairy Barn Ceremony Room to host both the exchanging of the vows, as well as the wedding reception afterwards. One of the true pearls of Southend Barns is the Secret Garden. It is hidden in a peaceful spot, comprised of pure nature. The sheer landscape is the perfect complement to celebrate the first walk of wife and husband into the vastness of matrimony. If you prefer being outdoors rather than closed in a room with all the guests, you don’t have to worry as the venue provides the Collecting Yard and Gardens. These gardens, apart from the fact that they are surrounded by pictorial scenery, are furnished with glass screens, which allow you to enjoy the beautiful sunset while feeling all cozy and warm. Besides, as the night falls, romantic up-lights are lit adding to the homely atmosphere.

Recomended Videographer for Southend Barns Hampshire

Although the wedding took place in a rather rural location, one can get the sensation of an aristocratic and refined taste. The attire of the guests, the exquisite hats which remind of a long-gone time, the wooden hearts, the matching colour clothing, the elegant decorations. Once again we can see that it isn’t the place that matters, but the people you surround yourself with on this special occasion. The ones who will laugh and cry together with you, tell jokes and exchange embraces, those who will remind you of some awkward situations from your wedding which you might forget and will bring back all the amusing memories. Of course, you don’t have to rely on the certainty of your memory as your wedding cinematographer will make sure to capture every precious moment. By hiring a videographer you instantly become a star in your movie, which will conquer even your wildest dreams.
In conclusion, do allow us to ponder a bit over the topic of love. How does one define this vast concept? Is it possible at all to give a valid description or definition to this wonder? Or will it forever remain this indescribable, yet ferocious momentum of everything that happens in life, that drives people closer and sometimes apart but then again makes every obstacle worth it? We certainly are at a loss for words before love. All that is left is for us to give up all rationality and thought and stay quietly in awe, knelled down, praising its power and experiencing the bundle of emotions it causes.

Enough words, it’s time for you to enjoy the wonderful short movie from Simone and Andy’s perfect wedding in peace. Hit the play button and sink into the depths of their precious love. To the married couple – roll on to the deep light blue ocean of love, stay together and never give up dreaming. To all you people in love out there, we are looking forward to creating history together. May love always be by your side.

Simone & Andy 2

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