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In this little place on the internet, we talk endlessly about love, admire the possibilities of wedding cinematography, look over some magnificent venues and share happy love stories. Welcome on board everyone. Today we will take you back in time to the picturesqueness of the Renaissance epoch to witness a truly traditional British wedding. We will share with you the narrative of the truly wonderful couple Ticiana and Karl. For all of you who are exasperatingly seeking a place for their special day, don’t worry. We will present to you the venue our beautiful couple chose for their wedding and discuss why this is the best choice for a historical, yet modernistic wedding. Afterwards, we will cast some light onto the little touches that add up to creating a unique traditional wedding experience. And in the end, we will give you the chance to relish the Oscar-worthy wedding cinematography, masterfully created by the wedding videographer in London. 

It was a typical foggy, rainy day in the heart of London. Nothing foreshadowed the shattering encounter that was about to happen. A neat, well-built young gentleman was passing the usual streets on his way to work. When, suddenly, he decided to stop in front of the King’s Cross station and look at the crowds of people coming and going. And for a second, he felt as if time had stopped. The big clock wasn’t ticking any longer. People had stopped going around in their hurry. All he could see was this beautiful lady right across him. Her hair falling gently on her shoulders. As she turned around and looked up, their eyes met. And it was that moment that he knew. He had found it.

Cinematic Wedding Video at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

When two people with refined taste and class meet, the result is an explosion with all the best outcomes. Karl is an example of a British gentleman. There aren’t enough adjectives we can think of to describe Karl – courteous, caring, open-hearted are just a few that come to mind. He is kind, well-mannered and gentle to his wife-to-be. From his speech, we get the sensation that he is eternally grateful for not only meeting his beloved wife but also her family. His wife looks amazing in her white, long gown. Genuine splendour streams out as Karl holds Ticiana in his embrace. Standing together, they remind of the merit of Michelangelo’s sculpture.

We couldn’t expect a less dashing choice of a venue from Ticiana and Karl. Their elegant wedding ceremony took place at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London. The hotel was originally opened in 1873 and has been welcoming guests since. It provides the perfect combination of history and modernism, masterfully intertwined into presenting the most excellent of both worlds. The hotel offers five splendid wedding venues, suitable for any type of wedding ceremony. If you are organizing a grand wedding, you might opt for the Hansom Hall, which can accommodate all of your guests. The Gallery or Ladies’ Smoking Room is your place if you are after a more intimate reception. Regardless of the scope, all of the venues offer the same grandeur and elegance. The slogan of the Hotel is “Masterpiece by design. Dynamic by nature.” And, it certainly lives up to any expectation. Anywhere you look, you will encounter a fuse of British tradition and innovation. 

Class is not a virtue one can claim to possess. It rather radiates from the choices, behaviour, and manners. The choice of venue brings history back to life. The young guests remind of modernism and how they will preserve tradition and carry it into the future. The choice of classical music live at the wedding adds to the serene atmosphere that the venue already creates. The classic car that can be seen at the beginning of the wedding video is a nice little touch. Ticiana and Karl’s wedding is a complete masterpiece. They are exchanging their vows before God, which makes their connection holy and safe. 

Alright people, now is the time for you to enjoy the skillfully created wedding video. You get to see how effects can add up to creating a certain feeling and enhancing the atmosphere. The black and white shots are a complement to the traditionalistic nuance of this classic Renaissance wedding. We won’t tease you anymore. So, jump right to the play button and see why you definitely would want to hire a videographer on your special day.

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To the gentleman and his lady from this chapter – may God’s light guide you through the tough times, give you strength and wisdom, and lead you the right way. To all readers out there, stay tuned, because we have many surprises and endless amounts of happy love stories coming up. May love bring you together and accompany you along the way. See you next time, lovers.

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