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A Beautiful Cain Manor Wedding Videography

Dear beautiful people, please do allow us to take you away from your ordinary life and bring you with us to an exquisite ride to one of the most fascinating Rustic Barn-Style wedding venues in England. Forget everything else for a few minutes and let your thoughts loft over the unfathomable scope of love. In the following article, we would like to share with you the heartwarming love story of Edward and Jessica, discuss their choice of setting and the opportunities it gives, and allow you to dive into the magic of their beautiful wedding video created by Emmanuel who is recommended videographer in Hampshire. 

First, let’s talk about our favourite topic of all, namely love, shall we? We don’t think that you will disagree with us when we say that each love story is strongly individual and has its own nuances. This, in turn, makes it even harder to try and capsulate this romantic manifestation into only a couple of words. However, we strongly believe that love surrounds us all, it is in the air as some would say, in everyone’s life, hiding behind every corner and that is exactly why we love to talk about it so much and strive to capture its every display. Each and every expression of this miracle is unique and that makes it one of a kind. Therefore, we can never deplete this topic and are unable to encompass all of its scopes. And that is thrilling. Love is tender, sweet, a passion, warmth, a welcome after a harsh day, consolation and embrace. It hides in the little gestures, the hand over the shoulder, the sparkle in the eyes, the blushing cheeks, the affectionate smile, the delicate touch. It has a melting and moving effect even on the sulkiest face. You are not yet convinced that is true? Scroll down and check the video. All of the latter symbols of love can be seen in the shots taken by the Emmanuel who is one of the most recommended wedding videographers in Surrey.

How Lovely Their Personal Vaws Impact The Cinematography

Now we would like you to pay your attention to our stars – the bride and the groom. Edward is a handsome young man standing close and firm by his future wife. He is ready to protect his beloved one against anything and anyone. And that is obvious not only from his presence but is also transparent in the words he carefully chooses: “Despite what happens now or the future I will love you always.” Always – this simple word, the promise that each and every time, without exception, he will stand by her side with unconditional selflessness. Jessica, on the other hand, is a true pearl. But Edward doesn’t have to worry and protect her from the vultures, as she is devoted to him as much as he is devoted to her. She has the purest and most honest look and the audience is left overwhelmed by the faithfulness behind her vow: “I will love you with all that I have.” No more words are needed after this pristine confession.

More About Cain Manor Wedding Venue

We will never get tired of writing about love and happy stories, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the choice of venue for this beautiful wedding. The special occasion took place on the border of Surrey and Hampshire in a country house called Cain Manor. The house offers enough outdoor space for any type of party and after-wedding reception. The place is very romantic, quiet and peaceful creating the feeling that time has to stop to celebrate together with everyone present the sacred connection between man and woman. Cain Manor also has a spacious library furnished with two fireplaces to host warm weddings during the cold periods of the year. The elegance with which the manor is being taken care of rules it out as one of the most recommended and preferred choices of engaged couples in England. It makes it the perfect option for a warm and cosy winter wedding. What’s more, if you are in pursuit of the best wedding cinematography, this place offers it all – from the vast views, through nature’s colourful touch to the rustic yet preserved architecture.

And yet what remains as a vivid memory is not the place itself or the weather but the whole impression of the day. The feelings, the atmosphere, the shared happiness, the sun shining upon the groom and the bride as they take their first walk as a family, the little one playing joyfully around them, the tears of rejoicing, the jokes. It is always the details that matter and add up to the whole sense of unity and delight. The snatched moments that are exasperating. After all, you don’t get married every day. The wedding day is characterized by specific rituals and activities all devoted to making it special and unforgettable.

Recomended Wedding Videographer Around Hampshire and Surrey

Of course, after many years of happy matrimony, there comes the possibility that you might have forgotten some features of your wedding. And here comes the work of the videographer and the significance of his professional vision. The wedding video is the medium you will go back to every time you wish to experience the bundle of emotions from your special day. That is why it should be created with much love and caring for the details. Nothing must be left out or skipped, as everything is of importance. So in all of the nervous yet exciting preparation for the big day, you might want to consider taking some time to ensure that you have a professional set of eyes behind some lenses who will make sure that you never forget anything that happened on your wedding.

If you are still doubtful about the choice of venue or wedding cinematographer, click the play button and see what your wedding day might look like if you booked Cain Manor for your wedding day. To Edward and Jessica, let’s raise a toast to their forever faithful love – may it never leave them. And to all of you future-to-be-spouses, hope we see you soon and share together with you your one of a kind love story. May the dream begin now. 

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Hi everyone, my name is Emmanuel, and I am a wedding videographer based in London. My wedding films are inspired by classical cinema. Discreet, unobtrusive approach. I am available around the UK, but you can also consider me as a  destination wedding videographer.

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