The season of weddings should bring upon new business to a wedding videographer. But alas, with all of the perks one gets in hiring one, it normally comes with a lot more complications. This may be because of many couples not wanting to have a videographer for their wedding, which can be due to a range of reasons. For much of the article we are going to discuss these reasons in detail right below to elaborate on the reasons the couples may not want a wedding videographer:

They have annoying lights:
A huge number of wedding videographers are going to use lights for the wedding videography around the reception. Just imagine when a reception ball is lit with candles all over and suddenly a cameraman comes in with harsh lighting ruining all the mood. Including yours and the mood of your guests. Sure, many companies like Nikon and Canon have made technological advances that make this type of lighting less hard on the eyes. But, many videographers are going to hassle you around the wedding with intrusive lighting. This may be the foremost reason, couples not wanting to have a videographer for their wedding. Our videographers make sure that the lighting of their cameras is not intrusive.

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The videographers for the wedding can be expensive:
This reason can be untrue sometimes as not all wedding videographers are expensive. Even the couples who may have a lavish wedding may still try out to find an inexpensive and therefore an inexperienced wedding videographer. This is due to the fact they wrongly believe that all videographers are expensive.

What you can do to save from this mistake is that you first shop around for. This way you can find, which one is what, how experienced and how affordable. This way you can also find out if the chosen one is landing according to your needs and wants.

Ninja Videographers:
At times you can get a videographer for the wedding, who will follow you around wherever you go inside the wedding. While it is too good to have video memories of your wedding reception, the aptly named ‘Ninja’ videographers can ruin the wedding by silently following you around. This can also be very creepy at times.

What you can do is find the one that will not do this type of thing. But if you still suspect that your prospective cameraman is a ninja videographer then talk to him or her before hiring outright.

The Photographer and the Wedding Videographer are not compatible with each other:
This case can erupt at many weddings, especially when the Photographer and the Wedding Videographer are locals. If a prospective wedding couple, gets the smell of it from somewhere, they will not go for the wedding videographer, as they still try to keep the Photographer.

Many photographers will outright tell you that they have had bad experiences with a couple of videographers or they are very annoying. One solution is provided by themselves sometimes, which is that they will offer their own video services to complement the wedding videography.

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