Wedding for 10-15 people! Why and how to plan a wedding during covid in the UK? 

Fewer guests at your wedding certainly do not mean a shorter celebration. But you would like to make your wedding celebration with 10-15 people. You will cut the cake again, you will dance, you will raise toasts, and your relatives and godparents will have the opportunity to give speeches. You will be husband and wife, and you will wear your wedding clothes. This way, you create a unique and magical atmosphere for you as a newlywed and for your closest people.

We know that a wedding should be a big party and you will miss all your friends at the wedding, but there are some bits you can accept and benefit from.

Save money

Fewer guests mean less money spent. By planning a wedding party for 10-15 people, you save money from those you originally planned for the event. “Money could not be bought”, but again, would you not want your wedding to be in a place you never imagined you would go – for example, a romantic castle. You may want to set aside some of the money you save for yourself and use it to afford an exciting honeymoon somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but never succeeded in your life. Now is the time to buy that designer dress along with the shoes and bag you always wanted.

Less stress

Fewer guests, less stress. Indeed many of those you invite will understand you perfectly, especially when you have a small wedding budget. Try not to offend anyone.

The wedding video below is an example of a covid wedding with 30 guests planned within three days right after the first lockdown in the UK in 2020.

Make your wedding personal

Sit down and think before the ceremony itself how it could be a stylish and unforgettable experience for you personally. If you have already decided on the crucial step – the wedding itself, don’t hesitate. Just do it. Create a marvellous and unforgettable memory only for you as a family. Let the magic of this day be just for you. You can read your wedding vows or if you want a member of your family and godparents, even your best friends, to say a few words about you as a couple. These words will be an excellent addition to the wedding films.

Wedding Videography and Photography 

This is the thing that no wedding can do without. You have indeed searched dozens of ads and websites offering photography and videography, and you have chosen the best photo and video supplier for the upcoming event. However, fewer guests mean more opportunities to include them all in your wedding video. Even the best videographer would find it challenging to shoot a wedding video with 100-200 or more. With 10-15 guests, you will not have to sift through who to include in your wedding video and who not. You may have always dreamed of celebrating with a few guests, but you never knew it was possible.

Why not decide to make a short wedding film with your wedding breakfast or cutting the wedding cake? Consider a 5-6 minute film dedicated to the whole event with the most important and memorable moments of the event.


When planning a small wedding for about 10-15 people, it is best to put them all together on one table. So you will not wonder who will sit where and how to arrange the tables with a large number of guests. The small number of guests allows you to serve more individual dishes, which have the advantage of taking up little space at the table. The recommended best option for serving food when the guests of the event are few is the buffet. This way, everyone will be able to take whatever they want on the plate, and none of your guests will be obliged to sit at the table all the time.

With a small number of guests, it would be a suitable option to have all the dishes and dessert on separate tables, and this also allows your guests not to sit in one place during the celebration. If you have saved money, you could make a rich colour decoration.

An example of a covid wedding in the UK with 15 guests 


Choose creative, cheerful ideas that not only you and your guests will not be bored with, but you will also fill the place where your wedding party is with joyful laughter, lots of smiles and emotions. There is a lot of fun in wedding speeches, so even if you have invited a few guests, they can certainly tell something interesting, funny and memorable. It is an excellent idea to have an open mic. Make a short wedding film with the funniest moments when giving wedding speeches.

Wedding transport

It will be fun if you go to your wedding by public transport. Those who prefer something extravagant can choose an old silver jaguar model (so you will look like Prince Harry and Megan Markle) or be a classic wedding couple by renting a substantial white limousine that can accommodate not only you but also all your guests.

It is really worth the opportunity to organize a small wedding. Even if yours is with a limited number of guests, do not be afraid to have fun in the best possible way. You do not need too much effort to make this day unforgettable.

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