Vows are not only great for wedding videos but are great for personal feelings. Actually, it started as a tradition for the holy matrimony that brings together two people to become one in this life and forever(if they want it). Nowadays though it can be used as part of the wedding video narrative. In other words, it is a personal vow in highlights wedding videos and therefore is a must for all the wedding videos out there. As they are important for the wedding video, they are also very impactful for this very reason. But this is not the only reason it is included in the wedding videos, so here are a bunch of reasons for how the personal vows can impact your wedding video:

Better cinematic wedding video because of the voiceover/narrative

They are some of the most important shots of a wedding video:
Many different shots can be part of the most important shots for weaving a perfect and impactful wedding video narrative. One of these important and impactful shots is the shot of a couple’s wedding vows. What else can be able to represent the love the partners have for each other than exchanging vows with each other. In it, they tell how much they love each other no matter what their shortcomings are and they might also tell how dedicated they are to each other. And for example, just like the kiss the only time you get to video it, in the same way, the vows are also only said once, so this is also why the vows are important for a wedding video narrative.

How personal vows can impact your wedding video? 21

Personal vows equal to better storytelling film

It is a time when it gets very emotional so it gives heart to the wedding video:
What makes a great wedding video narrative essentially perfect. It the heart and the emotions everyone feels at the wedding, so, therefore, needs to have a part of something that is going to make everyone emotional and also make everything heartfelt. Enter the personal vows in a highlights wedding video, which can make essentially everything at the wedding very emotional and heartfelt. It is because it is the same time a couple bares it all our even if they come prepared, and while doing they can get very emotional. And this emotional punch is exactly what is needed for the wedding video narrative to be perfect. We mean how your wedding video is going to look when if everyone is quiet and do nothing. It will be essentially dull and therefore would not look good. It will need to have some emotions and the personal vows are going to do it.

They can be seen as an expression of love for the partner:
Saying I love you in different words can be a difficult task. Saying it in front of everyone can be more so but it can essentially tell you and your partner how much love is in the air for you and your partner. It can many new ways, for example, narrating the vows through a short story format.

How personal vows can impact your wedding video? 22
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