Your wedding day is going to go by so quickly with all the nerves and events going on. You can spend tons of time planning, preparing, and shopping but before you know it, it’ll be over. Of course, you will want to make sure that you have pictures of your important day to look back on. As important as pictures are, they’re stills. What if you want to watch the moment your partner to be first sees you or your first dance? That’s why you need to make sure you capture your wedding day in its full glory and you can do that with a wedding videographer. Every videographer is different in the way they present themselves and work.

Be sure to do your research when looking for a wedding videographer. Check out their website or LinkedIn and reviews from recent newlyweds. Check out their galleries and look at all their previous work. Contact some of the ones you like and try to gauge how easy they will be to work with, consider your priorities, ask questions and figure out which one you want.

Watch Some Footage

Videographers should have a gallery or sections for potential clients to view their previous works on. Take your time to check out their different styles and whether or not their work is aligned with what you want for your own wedding video.

Make sure to add a videographer to your wedding budget while you’re wedding planning. Weddings can cost you quite a bit and plan for one can be quite a challenge. Make sure you include the cost for your videographer into your plan to avoid surprise costs.

Meeting your wedding suppliers face to face is always a good idea. They will get to know you as a couple and you will get to see what they are like in terms of style and personality. It is important that you like your wedding suppliers as you’ll be communicating with them a lot before, on the day, and after your wedding too!

Top 10 Parts to Ask Your Videographer to Capture

1. Getting ready for the wedding
2. The first moment you see each other walking down the aisle
3. Vows and exchanging rings
4. The kiss
5. The Confetti Shot
6. Post-wedding reception
7. Speeches
8. Cutting the cake
9. Arrival at reception
10. The first dance

Wedding Video Styles

Three of the most popular wedding shooting styles include point and shoot, fly-on-the-wall, a documentary including voice-overs and interviews, and cinematic.

Point and Shoot

This style is pretty self-explanatory and will most likely be the least expensive. It’s a very basic style and because of this, it is important to specify what you want shot. Maybe even go into detail and plan the shots. The fly-on-the-wall method can include planting multiple cameras in different perspectives so you don’t miss a thing. Discuss these options with your videographer.


This style is by far the most popular style as it thoughtfully records the events of the whole day from the perspective of a storyteller, which can lead to beautiful imagery with advice from a cinematographer’s eye. This will keep a lot of the footage candid and requires less setup making the wedding feel more authentic rather than a film set.


Then there’s the cinematic option which is your wedding day filmed on an 8mm or 16mm film, making it worthy of a motion picture. This is an extremely glamorous option, captured and edited for dramatic effect and mood in the highest quality, but this type of style will cost you a lot of money.

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