So your videographer has confirmed, your wedding venue has been booked, your invitations have been sent, your caterers are ready, and your big day is near! It’s time to prepare yourself mentally to becoming half of a married couple. And of course, you’ll want to make sure your videographer is ready to capture those memories that you’ll hold so dear. When you speak to your videographer, you may want to specify some specific moments to capture. Here are some ideas of moments you do not want your videographer to miss:

Getting Ready

You will want a video of you both getting ready for the wedding in your separate rooms. The morning of the wedding will be full of excitement and anticipation, and you will probably want to relive those feelings. Nervous bright smiles are incredibly sweet, and they are moments that you will definitely want to rewatch later. Also, since you will be getting ready separately, your other half doesn’t know what happened during hair and makeup. This will give them the chance to see what happened on your end while they were getting ready. You will want your videographer to keep it candid and personal.

You really need these bits captured by your wedding videographer  

First Sight

You will most definitely want to capture the moment you both see each other for the first time, all dressed up! This is an incredibly romantic and intimate moment you will want to rewatch. Ask your videographer to be discreet with this but to get good angles because you want you and your spouse’s reactions to be raw.

The Alter

When it’s time to walk down the aisle, most people will be looking at the one walking down to the altar, but the videographer will want to catch the reaction of your spouse-to-be as you walk towards them. The moment they first see you is the reaction you want to get. It’s so important that the videographer gets each individual’s perspective. This is a big part of both of your lives.


Couples will always say that their wedding went by way faster than they imagined. So it is important to capture little moments too. The couple getting married will not be able to pay attention to every single thing that is happening at their event, which is why your videographer needs to capture it. You want to remember what your best man said during their toast and the blushing bride’s reaction. Be sure to ask your videographer to pay special attention to the audio on these parts!

The Kiss

Professionals will certainly have experience capturing the first kiss. This is a given when it comes to wedding photography and videography. After all, much of your wedding ceremony has built up to this moment! If you are planning on doing something different or being spontaneous, be sure to tell your videographer so they can prepare to capture both the kiss and your breakdance sequence.


Loved Ones

You may want to add some documentary-style inserts of friends and family and loved ones saying or doing special, silly things. It will be nice to watch back if anyone has anything to say, they can give you their kind words and wishes. This can be a great way to show their role in your love story as well. Maybe your best friend hooked you two up, and now you’re getting married, or a sibling was there to watch the whole relationship bloom. These are things that might not have been said at the toast but are still relevant and memorable.

Party Time

After the ceremony is over and the rings are on, it’s time to have some fun. This will be one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole event, where everyone will mingle, smile, laugh and have fun. It goes without saying that this will be something you want to capture. The first dance, the dance with your father, and the many other fun activities with kids and the elderly, all together celebrating your union!

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