After the special occasion has gone in the past, your wedding playlist with videos will shed light onto the beautiful memories of the grandiose day. In this article, you will find 32 ideas about wedding videography shots you definitely wouldn’t like to miss.

The videographer of your wedlock day plays an immense role in capturing and preserving the very special first and only moments together with your significant other in matrimony. After the big event has finished, the videos are the means to relive and re-experience the golden feelings again and again till infinity.

You might believe that hiring a wedding videographer means that all work is done. However, if you’d like to preserve the awesomeness and uniqueness of your spectacular wedding day, it might be a good idea to provide your videographer with a, so to call it, ‘to-do-list’ comprised of all the exact events or moments you’d like them to capture. It doesn’t matter what requirements you have towards the work of your videographer, don’t worry – it’s your very special day afterwards.

We’d like to present you with some example video shots you will not want to miss.

Before we start we’d like to mention something. One thing you might want to consider is that your special day starts the moment you get up, or even earlier – once you’ve opened your eyes. Therefore, you might want to have your wedding videographer with you from the very beginning of the day. After all, we all like seeing the morning beauty essence captured in a few seconds or minutes even…

Like better wedding video coverage?

The Opening of the Morning Presents
You and your significant other might have prepared gifts for each other meant to be opened before the big event starts. Don’t forget to tell your videographer to record the grand opening of the surprises.

Cheers! Champagne Glasses Clink
May your big day begin and flow as a newly open bottle of champagne does. Pour in the glasses, and say cheers to the camera.

Preparing the Beauty
No comparison can be made to the video showing how the Beauty is being prepared for her final walk as a girl.

The Putting of Some Make-up – Bridesmaids Edition
Don’t miss the chance to capture the excitement of your bridesmaids as they also get ready for the glamorous day and put on some magic on their faces.

The Scent
We know what an endeavour it is to find the perfect aroma; therefore don’t forget to tell your videographer to record closely the moment of opening the bottle and especially the very putting on of the fragrance.

Jewellery Time
Elegance is streaming out of the Beauty even just the way she is. But what is a bride without the final touch of a diamond?

Putting on the Garment
That’s definitely a vital moment, you wouldn’t like to miss – wrapping the present with a perfect wrapping paper.


The Shoes
What is a present without a ribbon? Make sure not to disregard the shoes, as they are just as precious as the dress itself.

Final Touch
What is a Beauty without a crown? Regardless of whether you are wearing a tiara or a flower crown, don’t allow your videographer to skip the moment of putting it on.

Capture the Whole Picture
We know that weddings can be quite emotional and full of surprises. That is why, you would probably like to have a video showing the final perfect look, the finished art, before it gets touched and torn apart by the emotional vultures.

Pre-final Walk
We now have the perfect Beauty, ready to take her final walk down the aisle. We all adore seeing the bride’s walk towards her ceremony.

Encountering the Little Beauties
No words can describe the feeling of seeing the bridesmaids in their festive garments for the first time. So, dear videographer, please do record this bride’s meeting with her best friends!

Best Doll’s Flowers
Well, that’s definitely an important detail – adding colours to your very special day. Remind your cameraman to take some time to make a video of nature’s art before it goes down the memory lane.

Bride’s Bouquet
That’s even pearlier – don’t miss the chance to capture the beauty of your flowers before they disappear into thin air.

Here I Come – Yours, Flower Girl
No words are needed here.

Last Meeting Father – Daughter  
This encounter is, without any uncertainty, a very special part of the bond father-daughter. The old man seeing his little bird leaving the nest. Everyone is obsessed with this type of videos.

The preparation of the man
Now that we have spent enough time on the Beauty, let’s give the Beast the attention he deserves and see his transition from a boy into a handsome Prince.

Groom’s Garments
Is there a person who dislikes close video shots of the Prince’s clothes? Button holes, tie, bow tie – record it all.

The Fairytale Setting
We can imagine to what lengths you’ve went to prepare the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony. We’d like to see it before it gets all crowded.

The Excited Waiting
Everyone is waiting to see the Beauty walk down the aisle, but most of all, the Prince standing at the altar is waiting to lay eyes on his Princess as she appears with all her divinity. Capture this nervous excitement for good.

The Final Walk and the Passing On
Does this even need any comments? The impatience, the sensation of being stuck in time, the everlasting of the moment, the first look, the first impression of future-to-be spouses… and, of course, the awe of all the guests at the look of this indescribable picture.

The Promises
Exchanging rings as a symbol of a perpetual bond, the sacred words, the vows of fidelity and the unutterable cherished first kiss. Everyone is obsessed with those perfect videos showing those fancy moments.

The First Walk Together 
You have just got married with your significant other. You’d like to capture your first walk as a married couple, so don’t forget to get your wedding videographer to stand at the right spot to catch your first steps together into your happily ever after tale.

The Newly Formed Twosome
It’s all about you two now. The first dance, the following kisses, the embraces, the holding of hands, the looks, the laughs, the tears. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to re-watch and enliven those unforgettable memories again and again?

The Reception Setting
Whilst the newly formed couple is busy enjoying each other’s appearances, tell your wedding videographer to take some time to go over the place of your reception and celebration. May he not miss out any details – the decorations, the tables, the napkins, the flowers, each and every feature.

The Celebration
Glasses clinking, congratulations exchange, hugs with old and new friends and relatives, parents, grandparents, more tears, but also more smiles and thousands of unforgettable memories. Capture it all in a video so that you never lose the meaning of all those instants.

The Cake
Also, what is a wedding without a cake? The first slice, the foam on the face of your spouse, the gentle kiss with which you remove the cake foam… But before the cakes ends all in pieces, don’t forget to create some videography of it – after all, that’s a beautiful art itself.

The Speeches
In all the fun, there comes the time for each of you to deliver a speech in front of all the guests. Don’t forget to ask your videographer to make a video of those unforgettable true emotions and words and the effect they have on both the spouses and the guests, as well.

More Glasses of Champagne
After all the pearly words and emotions, it’s time for the celebration to continue. Conversations with the guests are renewed, more toast are to follow. It’s all magical and ought to be captured in a video.

Bye, bye, Bouquet
It might be a bit sentimental, but who is left unmoved by such a video shot of the bride tossing away her flowers? And who will be the lucky girl to grasp it and follow your destiny?

May the Party Begin
The celebration never ends, does it? After the first dance with the spouse, more dances are to follow – the one of the groom with the mother and the other – of the bride with her father.

The Perfect Ending.
What if not fireworks and confetti would be the perfect ending of your fairytale? One last look at the starry skies, one last wish for an everlasting love and faithfulness before the big day ends and you can finally opt for some quietness with your spouse and start your new life with the hopeful coming of the dawn. May you live happily ever after, dear lovebirds!

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