Your wedding is a moment of your life that you would want to remember forever. It’s a given that every wedding should have a professional photographer to capture the best moments and freeze them in time.

The one thing that a photograph doesn’t do is capture the spirit of the event, and that’s one department where a wedding video will come out ahead every time. It can preserve the conversation, emotion, and interaction of the bride, groom, and attendees – the moments that you might never know existed. That’s what a wedding video is all about – cherishing the best moments so that you can relive them over and over again.

If you want to make a wedding video that you will remember forever, here are six tips that you can keep in mind:

Six Ways to Make a Unique Wedding Video 21

Below are the six ways which make your wedding video unique used by most wedding videographers

  1. Stop-Motion Videos
    Stop motion is a unique style of videography, and it can be used to tell a story in a completely unique light. You can use your imagination and come up with a narrative for the event without having to say a word. The visual storytelling aspect of a stop-motion can be used to put emphasis on the couple, the family, or whatever you want to look back over. You can look to take advantage of this artistic freedom a stop-motion video gives and craft a great piece of art!
  2. Wedding Documentaries
    If you want to engage the guests in how your relationship came to be, then a documentary is what you need. You can talk about everything, from the moment you first met to the moment when the bride says “I do.” This method of storytelling can captivate the audience in your story and make them feel like a part of the entire wedding. You can look to include some professional cinematography techniques in your documentaries to increase the production value and video quality as a whole.
  3. Slide Show
    A slide show is a simple, yet elegant way to tell a story. You don’t need too many words or an overdrawn explanation of what’s going on, as people don’t typically have a hard time understanding images. You can look to tell a story by showing both of your pictures as kids and lead up to the moment of the wedding. This creates a flow of ideas and emotion that will surely move the audience.
  4. Same Day Video
    This might put some strain on your videographer, but it can be done. You can use the recorded video of the entire wedding process, from the preparation to the moment at the altar and edit it into one video in one day. You have to make sure the editor is incredibly skilled to pull this off correctly, as it’s not an easy job no matter how you look at it.
  5. Proposal Video
    This is for the grooms who plan ahead. You can record your proposal and show it at the wedding to show the joy of the bride-to-be when she was proposed to. It’s an incredibly simple but emotional way to get your audience engaged. People like seeing their loved ones happy and a happy bride is something that everybody at the wedding wants to see.
  6. Love Story Rendezvous Video
    A love story of the wedded couple is like a storybook, and a love story video is like you flipping that book page-by-page to the audience. You can detail exactly how you met, how fell in love, the conflicts you had to endure together, the proposal, and of course, the happy ever after. This love letter video can be a piece of history that you can look back to whenever you feel like it.

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