Your wedding should be one of the most memorable moments of your life. To capture the essence of the event as well as every little detail, you will need the help of a professional wedding videographer. It’s a given that you should have a photographer at your event, but an album of photos can’t bring forth memories and emotions of the moment in its purest form. A photo is frozen in time at an angle that was directed by the photographer.

With videos, you can see all the little things happening that you might not even realise on the day. The friendly back-and-forth bickering of your groomsmen, the kiss your parents share to celebrate you, and of course, all the moments of your guests laughing and celebrating your special moments with you. Moments like these are what make a wedding videographer worth it.

There are so many different styles of videography, and we will lay them out for you down below. These styles are what will set your wedding apart and make for a unique piece of memorabilia that only a professional videographer can offer.

Below are the most known wedding video styles used by the videographers


If you’re a movie fan, you will love this videography option. Cinematic videography is designed to mimic the light setting and angles of a Hollywood movie. Cinematic videos can be used to tell a narrative and lay out a compelling story that leads to a fantastic conclusion—the wedding kiss. You can add some other options such as a narration by a professional voice actor, filters, or a drone shot of the entire venue. You will get to be a part of every production process, as in this movie, you and your spouse are both the directors and the actors!

Short Form

Short-form videos are pretty much highlight reels of the wedding. They usually don’t last any longer than ten minutes, but that’s more than enough to showcase the highlights. These videos aren’t as costly to make, but the limited time also requires the videographer to be more creative and imaginative in the way that they produce the videos. A short-form video is typically comprised of three main segments: the preparation, the actual ceremony, and the reception. This is not a definitive guide of how every wedding video has to be, but that’s the standard. If you opt for a video and you prefer it to be specially edited, make sure you let the videographer know.


Instead of focusing on the cinematography techniques, a storytelling wedding video puts heavy emphasis on the “story” of the wedding. Who the bride and groom are, how they met, how they came together, and the story behind the wedding itself. These videos come in many forms. If you like the aesthetic of an early 1900’s silent movie short with text narratives, you sure can ask for that. If you prefer it to be a comedy skit, you can do that as well.


This is a more formal and traditional spin on a wedding video. The focus may still be on the story, but the narration style is a lot more reserved. A documentary might have a heavy emphasis on the emotional and factual side of things, and while the format might be a bit more rigid and stern, it still allows enough artistic freedom for your videographer to work their magic.

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