Nowadays many wedding videos are including pre-wedding video. This has been becoming a trend lately. This pre-wedding video is essentially a video about the things that straight up lead to the wedding day. Things that are included in the preparation and management of weddings are essentially shot for the type of vide. On average the video spans around 2 to 4 hours at the most. From now onwards after seeing many other friends, many new couples literally wish for a pre-wedding and tape the activities that led to the wedding. This type of video lets your family and friends know the pre-wedding shenanigans that you might be dwelling in.

Purposes for getting pre-wedding video

Aside from letting your family and friends know what were you doing in this pre-wedding videography and it is also a great way for a few other purposes. These purposes are mentioned below:

This is the way you can know your wedding videographer
Before the fateful day arrive when two individuals become one they always ask something. The couple always asks if their chemistry will balance out with the chemistry of the videographer doing the wedding videography. It is important that the whims of the cameraman and the couple should be in balance as on the wedding day as all can come tumbling down if the balance is not there.

More about pre-wedding videography

If both of the parties know what they are doing then everything can go well, right from the behaviours of the parties involved and all the way up to the direction of the video.

This also the way the wedding videographers will get to know the couple
When doing a pre-wedding video, the videographer can get an insight into the tics and mannerisms of the couple, which is going to get hitched. This can essentially save the day where the videographer will know how to act with the couple when the wedding is in process. This way no accidents or annoying behaviour will be shown on the wedding day if it is caught at the pre-wedding video creation.

This tells the story of how your love started
Normally a pre-wedding video will tend to include the narration of the life story of how the couple met and fell in love. This can be done either by doing interviews of the bride and groom whether separately or together or asking questions candidly when each member of the couple are essentially doing something. Preferably doing something that is related to the management and preparations of the wedding itself. The goal is that through this kind of video, the videographer along with the help of the couple should weave a narrative story that all the guests at the reception will like exceptionally.

Final words
As you may have already read that there are different purposes for getting a video about pre-wedding shenanigans, we also recommend that you should get one. This will not only help with the purposes described just above but will also be a nice touch to the actual videography of the wedding.

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