From the first entry in the wedding planner to the setting up of the decorations, weddings are pretty tough. Planning your special day is going to take a lot of effort, patience, and dedication. The bride and the groom usually get very involved in the preparations to ensure that everything goes according to their wishes, but they often forget that the vendors they have hired have years of experience.

They have been in such situations a hundred times and can provide valuable guidance to help you put together your dream wedding. One such example is your wedding videographer. They have shot numerous weddings and can help you with various suggestions. If you thought that watching a few wedding films can help you decide what you want, you’re in for quite a surprise! In this article, we shall discuss a few things that your wedding cinematographer wishes you knew:

Five things the wedding videographer wishes you knew 

  1. Your personalities are what will make your wedding video great

Always remember that you are the hero of your wedding. No matter how great the shooting, artistic value, and editing of the video is, not even the most skilled videographer can inject emotion into the footage. Only you can do so. Make sure that you are present mentally on your big day. When you tell your spouse that you will love him or her, say it as you mean it. Dance like no one’s watching when you are on the dance floor with your friends because the more you enjoy this celebration of love, the more you’ll cherish watching your wedding video over and over again throughout your life.

  1. The getting ready footage is special

Although the wedding ceremony and your first dance as man and wife are special events that need to be covered, don’t forget that the time you spend getting dressed up to commit to a lifetime with your favourite person in the world is a precious moment too. After all, how often do you get to hang out with your friends, laugh and cry, and prepare to say hello to your life as a wife as you dress up to be the prettiest you’ve ever been? Oh, and that look on your father’s face as he sees you all dressed up in white for the first time? That moment is priceless – you cannot afford to miss that!

  1. You and your videographer do not have to be best buddies

While many believe that you have to be best friends with the wedding videographer to make your wedding video stand out, it is not entirely true. It is essential to be on good terms with your videographer. That being said, the fact of the matter is that in years from now, you won’t remember your photographer’s personality and his or her presence at your wedding. What you will remember is the style and work of the videographer. You can hire one if you like their work and the wedding films they have created for other couples in the past. That is the only criteria you should consider.

  1. Your videographer needs a quick break to eat too

Although your videographer was hired to capture your entire wedding, don’t forget that just like you, your videographer needs to eat too. On the wedding day, your videographer will be on the move for hours on end and will hardly be able to take a break because they need to capture every little moment of your big day. Do let them enjoy the vendor meal when you and your guests are eating.  It’s a courtesy to offer them the very same food at the reception and you should not forget that. Don’t forget – happy videographers will be more willing to go the extra mile for you!

  1. Lighting and timing are two key points to achieve the most beautiful footage

Always remember that to achieve the perfect wedding video, lighting and timing play key roles. So to create a mesmerizing wedding video, discuss your wedding timeline with your videographer. Magical settings like pink sunsets and hazy golden rays need you to properly plan time outdoors. And to feature them in your video, you need a detailed discussion with your videographer way in advance.

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