Couples often have a lot of questions for their wedding photographer, and the biggest question that they have is how long they have to wait for their wedding photographs. It’s the same question posed for wedding videographers, and it’s a valid question to ask.

Here’s the issue: most couples aren’t happy with the waiting times for their wedding video and wedding photography, and while that’s perfectly normal to have some impatience about the pictures from the biggest day of their lives, it’s also a work in progress. Some wedding photographers and wedding videographers work for an entire day. Eight hours of film from getting ready to saying goodnight, and with this many working hours, you’d expect beautiful photos and video of your big day. To cut down a days worth of film to fit a wedding album, a lot of work goes into the wedding photography preparation. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the reasons wedding films and images take time.

Good Films Require Good Time

If you want the best possible wedding video, you need to be prepared to wait. The average delivery time of a wedding video is three months, and this is because of the level of work behind it all. When you are shopping around for your videographer, you need to be aware of this because otherwise, you may be disappointed if you expect instant updates.

Videographers Are Exceptionally Busy

Did you know that wedding videographers are in high demand? There can be up to three or four weddings filmed per week, and that’s an awful lot of film that needs to go through a process to get you the perfect wedding DVD. Good wedding videographers will take their time to get the films back to you because of the sheer level of work that goes into the video for each wedding. Most videographers offer the same time period for their work – up to three months – and so you’ll find that it’s pretty standard everywhere you go.

Perfection Takes A Moment

Wedding videographers don’t just stand there and film your big day before transferring to your disc. They get the best angles, the best shots, the speeches, the walk down the aisle. It’s all carefully planned with you in advance as to what you want to capture on your wedding videos. Once the big day is finished, there is a whole editing process to go through, too, to get the best of the best back to you. You’re looking at video editing, sound design, colour grading, cutting and splicing, adding music – it’s a long process to sift through eight to ten hours of film so that you get the best possible video of your wedding day.

A lot of care goes into your wedding films, and you need to know that the money you paid has been worth it. This is not a process that can be rushed, so embrace the time your wedding films take: you know you’ll be getting a beautiful film that lasts a lifetime.

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